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Permit, Compliance & Violation Removal

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If you are planning to open a business (including restaurants, day care center, auto repair shops and general retail establishments) or start a church, build a multi-family mixed use property, you will be excited to learn about our new compliance consultations that can help businesses or non-profits or homeowners like yours comply with Federal, State, or City rules and regulations before an inspection occurs and fines are issued.

Our team consult you and help to avoid fines or violations, coordinate inspections, and establish your work plan based on your needs and budget.

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Open Sooner & Operate Easier

Our team of Field Technicians play a vital role in ensuring completion of all project tasks at the related regulatory agencies. All Field Technicians represent property owners, brokers, construction project managers, or managing agents with the permit application process or the violation removal signoffs along with many other personalized and valuable services necessary when building, owning, or reconstructing properties. Services include but not limited to the following.

DOB (Department of Buildings)
• Meet with construction inspectors.
• Pre-filing/ E-filing for construction projects such as; Alt 1, 2, 3’s, NB’s, Demos, PA’s, and Condominium Sub-division.
• Submittal of OP-98 (plumbing) forms.
• Local Law filings.
• Processes permit applications such as; Equipment use, work permits, after hour variances.
• Microfilm and folder research.
• Post approval amendments.
• Violations research.
• Violations request and dismissals.
• Removal of Stop Work Orders.
• Certificate of Corrections.
• Insurance updates.
• Withdrawal of applications.
• Item required waivers.
• Temporary and Final Certificates of Occupancy.
• Letter of completion (Sign Offs).
• Occasional completion inspections (COs, violations, non-Directive 14/75 applications, etc.).
• Attend plan examination appointments. Class 2 Subcontactor
ECB (Environmental Control Board)
• []Attend ECB hearings related to projects.
• []Pay any civil penalties.
Borough President’s Office/ Topographic Unit.
• []Address verifications.
DEP (Department of Environmental Protection)
• Permits.

Finance Department
• Pay ECB civil penalties.
• Negotiate ECB civil penalties, if possible.
• Certified tax maps.
• Sub-division.

Fire Department
• File applications.
• Violations/records research.
• Attend plan examination appointments.
Buildings Enforcement Safety Team (BEST) Squad
• Demolition Application Approval
If you feel you would like any of the services , please contact our office (917) 383-3077for your business, home, or investment property complete the form request and book our initial consultation

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